About us


About Us

Pollyana Ribeiro and Robert Moore and each have been dancing professionally for over 20 years. Both were classically trained at the Harid Conservatory in Boca Raton, Florida. They have traveled around the world dancing and teaching with world renowned companies.   They have achieved ballet master status and are ready to offer Indiana students of all ages and abilities high level of instruction.

With a combined 40 years’ experience in the field we have learned dance is ever evolving. It is crucial to stay relevant with what is happening in the world of dance today while staying true to the traditions of the art form. Ballet is the core of all dance forms and has remained relevant and cherished.

Pollyana and Robert have trained many students that have pursued a professional ballet career with many companies including: The Royal Danish Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Boston Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet, Ballet Met, Cincinnati Ballet, Los Angeles Ballet, Columbia City Ballet, and Texas Ballet Theatre.

They have also prepared dancers to compete with successful outcomes in prestigious competitions, namely, Prix De Lausanne and The Youth American Grand Prix.


Our Philosophy

In dance your body is your instrument. Through dance we challenge our bodies and our minds. Our goal is to maintain healthy bodies and boost self-confidence by teaching proper technique and artistry. Dance requires discipline and dedication. We focus on improving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination all accomplished in a fun, nurturing and energetic way that allows us to move our bodies creatively.


Dance encompasses all of life’s lessons