Introduction to the class

This class is open to all students interested in exploring dance. No previous movement training is necessary. Primarily created for students who are new to dance, it can also be extremely helpful for experienced movers who are new to modern dance. This class focuses on understanding the basic physical movements of modern dance. Momentum, gravity, and the uses of weight will be explored while developing a secure sense of placement and strength. The warm-up encourages freedom of movement by researching fluidity and balance as tools for stylistic exploration.

This class is intended for dancers whom wish to broaden their knowledge in dance. In Intermediate Modern dancers will further their technical capabilities in Modern Technique with the addition of Choreography and Improvisation. Class is based on techniques created by Lester Horton, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Jose Limon, Doris Humphrey and modern choreographers of today’s generation.


TEACHING CREDENTIALS Five years – Hotencia Mollo School of Ballet Summer Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Four years – Boston Ballet Master Classes Four years – Boston Ballet Summer Program Three years – Boston Ballet Dance Lab Eight years – Pittsburgh Ballet School Faculty Two years – San Francisco Ballet School Faculty   Teaching Commissions 2003 Teaching Commissions • Tuzar


Teaching Credentials Five years – Hotencia Mollo School of Ballet Summer Program, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Three years – Boston Ballet Summer Program One year – Harvard University Master Classes One year – Jacksonville University Summer Program One year – Eastern Connecticut Ballet Summer Program Eight years – Pittsburgh Ballet Instructor