En Pointe Indiana Ballet
Premier Indiana Ballet School

En Pointe Indiana Ballet is a premier ballet school based in Noblesville, Indiana. We welcome dancers ages 3 to 22, beginner to pre-professional. We offer the highest level of instruction including ballet technique, pointe, variations, repertoire, pas de deux, jazz, hip hop, acro, modern, contemporary, tap and more.


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  • Jasmine
    Dear Mrs. Ribeiro, I just wanted to say Thank You for teaching me this year. I feel like I have improved a lot, and it was because of you. I really appreciated your attention and corrections and your sense of humor. I hope you enjoyed your first year at SFB, and thanks again for making my first year so great! Love,
  • Lilah Beldner
    Dear Mrs. Ribeiro, Thank you for all the time and dedication you’ve put towards teaching me this year! You always make me more motivated to come to class because I know you will make me laugh! I feel like this year my technique has strengthened so much, so I know I will be prepared for SAB this summer. I hope to see you again next year!
    Lilah Beldner
  • Samantha Teves, Emily, Nicole Prefontaine, Swane, Isabella, Megan, Paola, Sophie, Lexi, Olivia, Taney
    Dear Pollyana, We have loved having you as our teacher this year. The energy you brought to every class, inspired each and every one of us to work harder. From Onegin, to exams, to Soiree, you always made sure we looked our best. Much love, Your Level 7 Class, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater
    Samantha Teves, Emily, Nicole Prefontaine, Swane, Isabella, Megan, Paola, Sophie, Lexi, Olivia, Taney
  • Flavia Morante
    Thank you for all you have taught me and for welcoming me into your classes! Your corrections have truly helped me and I will always keep them in mind. Thank you for your advice, you’re a great teacher and friend. Your classes are always challenging and fun! I hope to see you again soon! God Bless, Love,
    Flavia Morante
  • Pemberly Olson
    Thank you for being a great teacher! You have taught me so well and have really helped me improve. You are so funny, kind, and generous and I thank you for all of your help. Have a fun time in Japan and have a great summer! Love, your student,
    Pemberly Olson
  • Celia Fushille
    Robert Moore and Polly Ribeiro bring to their teaching a wealth of professional experience in classical ballet. As a dancer, Rob was a commanding presence on the stage, a superb partner and a consummate professional in the studio. With her precise demonstration, a keen understanding of classical technique, and a vast knowledge gathered throughout an impressive career, Polly was an exceptional company teacher for our dancers. With such high caliber teachers, En Pointe Studios is sure to become the preeminent place of ballet training in Indiana for students of all ages.
    Celia Fushille
    Artistic Director, Smuin Ballet
  • Amy Brandt
    Boston Ballet corps member Sylvia Deaton will never forget when one of her idols, former principal dancer Pollyana Ribeiro, led variations class. Ribeiro was teaching the solo from Diana and Acteon, and Deaton, then a Boston Ballet School summer intensive student, was awestruck at how fearlessly she attacked the choreography. “It was so inspiring to watch her demonstrate and hear the same corrections she had been given for a performance,” Deaton says.
    Amy Brandt
    Dance Magazine
  • Anna Kiselgoff
    To say Ms. Ribeiro was cute is to define some of the vivaciousness and joy she brought to every detail. You could see her stick her palm out to get her cut from the field hands in Act II after she had persuaded her mother to pay them more in Act I. Her triumph was to dance with strong technique while reacting to everything around her.
    Anna Kiselgoff
    New York Times
  • Caleb B.
    Thank you for your accountability, openness in communication, flexibility and creativity. You are true professionals and I love sharing your story.
    Caleb B.
  • Hannah B. 
    I am so thankful for the vision and courage you two had in opening a ballet school here in Noblesville. En Pointe has given me opportunities I may have otherwise never had. Thank you for offering not only truly excellent training, but extending friendship and caring for the students outside of the studio too. Your tireless work does not go unnoticed. I will always consider En Pointe home.
    Hannah B. 
  • Julie A.
    Thank you so much for all the love and time you pour into making every En Pointe production a masterpiece! Your hard work does not go unnoticed. I cried during Curiosity...it was that good! <3
    Julie A.
  • Susan R.
    The Curiosity performance as a whole was so impressive!!… definitely keep me on your notification list. Well done. I’m impressed.
    Susan R.
  • Bethany S.
    En Pointe 2020 Curiosity show was fantastical!
    Bethany S.
  • Lori K.
    We have danced at several area studios, and finally feel at home at En Pointe! The instruction is challenging yet encouraging. The front office is kind, responsive, and professional. The teacher bios are beyond impressive in all disciplines. Whether for your preprofessional or your toddler in tap shoes, En Pointe is a wonderful studio for your dancer.
    Lori K.
  • Heather G.
    We feel so fortunate to have landed at En Pointe! From the initial phone call and visit, we were welcomed with such kindness and patience in addressing questions we had to ensure a good fit for our dancer. After a trial class, she was showing us what she had learned with a grin from ear to ear. They challenge her in a supportive environment that has her floating and dancing everywhere. She loves ALL of her teachers and the students in her classes. After watching the winter showcase, the talent and joy on the stage spoke to the wonderful training and support they are receiving. We highly recommend looking at En Pointe no matter your age or level of experience.
    Heather G.
  • Vikki G.
    En Pointe is wonderful studio for dancers of all ages -- from toddlers to adults. Their Pre-Professional program has local students along with others that come from across the country to train here. The teachers are outstanding and genuinely care for the students. I am so thankful we found this school for our daughter.
    Vikki G.
  • Kobe R.
    The training here is phenomenal!! The entire staff is incredibly knowledgeable and I am extremely blessed to be a student here.
    Kobe R.

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