Indianapolis Area Level 1-2 Classical Ballet Academy

Within En Pointe Indiana Ballet’s Junior Academy classical ballet classes, dancers (traditionally ages 6-10) focus on building a strong foundation in ballet and utilizing proper technique.

Our team of highly-skilled professional instructors help dancers maintain the joy of dance by challenging them to learn all aspects of ballet including correct positions, terminology, musicality and repertoire.

Our junior academy includes ballet level 1 and 2. Placement is based on students’ age and ability. A free placement class will be given to your child, and based on the evaluation, your student will be placed into his or her proper level. Each student will be evaluated twice a year and promotions will be made accordingly.  Progress in dance is very individual and cannot be rushed. It takes many years to fully master ballet technique, and requires discipline, patience and enthusiasm.

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En Pointe Indiana Ballet is designed for students taking ballet as their primary activity. Minimum ballet technique hours are required and vary depending on the level. However, students are encouraged to add elective dance courses at En Pointe within jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, hip hop and more.

We welcome any student eager to learn classical ballet technique.

En Pointe Indiana Ballet is located in Noblesville, Indiana, and serves Hamilton County and the surrounding Indianapolis area. We are proud to have pre-professional dancers from the across the globe study with our studio along with prominent guest instructors who visit annually.

Level 1 Dancers:
Musical Theater 4p-5p (5yrs-8yrs)
Tap 1 5p-5:45p (5yrs-8yrs)
Hip Hop 1 5:45p-6:45p (5yrs-8yrs)
Ballet 4:45p-5:45p (6yrs & up)
Contemporary 5:45p-6:30p (5yrs-8yrs)
Tap 1 4:45p-5:15p (5yrs-8yrs)
Ballet 5:30p-6:30p (6yrs & up)
Progressing Ballet Technique 6:30p-7p (6yrs & up)

Ballet 5pm-6pm (6yrs & up)
Jazz Funk 6p-7p (5yrs-8yrs)

Ballet 11a-12p (6yrs & up)
Jazz Funk 6p-7p (5yrs-8yrs)

Stretching 12:45p-1:15p (6yrs & up)
Ballet 1 students should attend a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week.
*Ages are approximate and can vary based on experience and technical ability.

Monthly Pricing based on class time per week:
45min $60/month
60min $70/month
1hr 15min $75/month

1hr 30min $81/month
1hr 45min $90/month
2hrs $99/month
2hrs 30min $117/month
3hrs $135/month
4hrs $171/month
Full fee schedule available upon request. Call for a Free Trial Today!
Level 2 and up dancers will need to schedule a free placement class.


Schedule a Tour and a Free Trial Class

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